About RelianceHMO

We’re a health insurance company that acts like a technology company. We’re using software, data science and telemedicine to make health insurance more affordable, easier to access and more of a delightful experience

Health Insurance is a pain

When you try to buy insurance for yourself, your family or your business, you usually don’t get good treatment if you’re not one of the big boys. When you do get someone to listen to you, you have to cough up the premiums for a whole year at once and after you’ve paid, the service you get falls short of your expectation.

We decided to fix it with technology

We were just as fed up of the system as you were, so we decided to create a health insurer that actually has your interests at heart. To achieve this, we use technology to make everything easier from signing up to paying for your health insurance.

And make it delightful with Awesome Service

You’re a person and you deserve to be treated well. We focus on giving you the best customer service. Our mantra is “You Can Rely On Us”, this means we will do anything and everything to make sure that your health insurance experience is delightful. We give you a 24 hour Reliance Help Centre with friendly agents you can reach via phone, email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, any communication means you use.

You Can Rely On Us

That’s the promise that we make to you and you can hold us to it. Most health insurers have long fancy vision and mission statements that at the end of the day are just words that don’t yield anything. We don’t do that, instead we give you a single brand promise that we will do anything and everything it takes to make sure you have a great experience with your health insurance

So, what are you waiting for, Get Your Quote now.