How to Buy Health Insurance

What You Need To Know Before Buying Health Insurance


Health insurance is a must have for all people. It is the only insurance that helps to cover your health and medical care. The truth is that not all health insurance is created equal, and in purchasing your health insurance plan, you need to plan carefully to know the ones that fits your financial plan  and also covers all your health needs.

Before buying an health insurance plan, these are the key things to note;

  • Know Your Coverage Start Date

Once you’ve signed up for health insurance, check to ensure that you’ll have coverage when you need it. For most companies, coverage might begin at the beginning of a new month while for some, it can come immediately after payment.

  • Itemize Your Insurance Needs

It it important to make a list of all the things of all you need from an insurance policy. Also important, it the number of people you need coverage for, how long the medical plan is and the types of care you require. If you’re relatively healthy, then you might not worry about surgery or medication costs, while if you have a medical condition you’ll want a policy that provides coverage for those events.

  • Know Your Health History

Also important is your health history. Some insurance plans might not cover pre-existing condition while a few do.

  • Examine Plans

Look at the various offers of the health insurance companies and go with the one that is best suited for your needs. The most expensive plan is not always the best for your health insurance needs. Compare plans and figure how much of your budget the insurance will take every month.

  • Know the Hospital Network
    All insurances are not accepted in all Hospitals, clinics, Gyms and . If you have a certain primary care provider (PCP) that you really love or a specialist you need to see, check that they accept the plan before committing to the purchase. Some providers have a limited network, while others limit who you can see.


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