Virtual Consultations can be a convenient option

Reliance Care is an intuitive, user-friendly app for enrollees of Reliance HMO to access their healthcare information and services.

The app connects you with doctors 24/7/365 through the convenience of your smartphone.

Forgot your Enrollee ID number? No problem. You can access your virtual card right on your phone.

Reliance members can easily access care online, view their health history and manage account information through an intuitive web and mobile app experience.

With Reliance Care, your health care is always at your fingertips.

1. You can ask doctors health questions online
2. View health plans and benefits
3. Use your enrollee profile on the App as a virtual ID card
4.  Receive health tips
5.  Chat with a customer care agent

When you need care — anytime, day or night — Chatting with a doctor can be a convenient option. From treating flu and fevers to caring for sore throat and allergies, you can chat with a doctor online 24/7.

Download your Reliance Care app if you don't already have one and sign in to get started.

Download Reliance Care App


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