Health Insurance for Companies in Nigeria

What Is The Best Health Insurance For SMEs?

In Nigeria, everyone and their mother is an entrepreneur. You turn left and there’s a tailoring shop with 5 apprentices learning the trade, turn right and it’s a makeup studio/natural hair salon/photography outfit with over 10 people eager to give you the best service. It’s a tremendous thing and the good thing is each and every one of this SMEs are contributing to the overall growth of the economy.

If you currently are a Small, Medium Business owner or you’re well on your way to becoming one, you might ask, ‘Apart from salary, what else do I have to offer my staff to make my company one of the best to work with?’ Or you might be wondering if you have to provide health insurance to your employees as an SME owner.

The answer is Yes!

What advantages will providing health insurance to your employees as an SME give you?

There are a great number of reasons providing health insurance for employees should be at the core of every growing business, some of which we’ve helped highlight below.

  • It helps you remain SME complaint and get reduced tax cuts

The first thing to note is if you’re an SME providing health insurance premiums for your employees, the government offers you major tax exempts and financial incentives. The National Tax Policy (NTP) have proposed the reduction of corporate tax rates and introduction of tax registration thresholds as an incentive to encourage compliance and protect MSMEs.

  • It makes your company have a competitive advantage.

I once left a job for another one that paid only slightly higher because, apart from the shitty salary culture of the former job, the new one provided health insurance and pensions funds for all employees. It made me feel incredibly safe and secure in my job. When someone starts a new job, fussing with all the intricacies of health insurance can feel overwhelming. If an employer handles that part, new employees can focus their time on getting used to their new role instead.

  • It saves you downtime and sick leaves.

As a small business with few staff, you need all hands on deck. Providing the perfect health insurance for your staff that offers a wide range of products allows your staff to stay healthy all the time.

What health insurance should you get for your Small Business?

RelianceHMO offers the best health insurance for your employees. With provision of an easy and free signup process and a one-of-a-kind HR dashboard that enables you monitor your employess plan, health and much more, no other health insurance company in Nigeria does it better.

With a cost effective payment plan, that is convenient and affords you the ability to pay monthly and quarterly as opposed to the bank breaking annual payments, RelianceHMO is the saving grace for all Small business!

Head over to RelianceHMO or call 070073542623 to register!

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