Ask a Doctor online with Health Insurance

Need Health Advice? Ask A Doctor Online Instead of Google

What apps do you have on your phone? WhatsApp? Twitter? Instagram? Slack? Spotify? Uber? YouTube? All of them? Do you have your doctor on your phone though?

With RelianceHMO Doctor-On-The-Go feature, you have a 24 hour access to a doctor for a wide range of ailments and consultations alongside other amazing benefits with just 3,500 Naira monthly. This feature saves you a lot of time - we know how valuable time is - and also gives you the luxury of direct consultation with a doctor from the comfort of your home or office.

You can receive prescriptions, get advice on the best health insurance plan for you and most of all stay healthy while you achieve your goals!

Download the  RelianceHMO app today and live a life of healthy fulfilments!

Visit or Call 070073542623 to register!

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