Enrolle registering for NHIS Health Insurance in Nigeria

How RelianceHMO is making Healthcare easier through Technology

In a recent poll conducted by the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), it was discovered that only 3% of Nigerians have access to full health coverage. Millions of Nigerians have never experienced quality healthcare for reasons ranging from lack of availability of quality doctors to a lack of functioning healthcare systems.

At RelianceHMO, we are committed to changing this narrative with our carefully thought out and affordable packages – 3,500 Naira monthly – guaranteed to ensure availability of proper healthcare coverage for the average Nigerian.

As technology is at the forefront of all new innovations and is changing the way businesses – communications, media, and healthcare – are run, we at RelianceHMO are tapping into this tremendous movement to bring you the best of services; making it cheap, easy to reach and easy to understand through diverse ways, some of which are highlighted below.

  • How Fast Can I Get Health Insurance

    Getting RelianceHMO health insurance takes less than 10 minutes. No long complex forms and it is all straight from your phone. Best of all, you can use it in hospitals instantly. No other insurer keeps it this simple.

    • Can I Get Health Insurance Online/Through My Phone

      To get the best healthcare coverage, everything you need to do – from sign up to payments – is made all the more accessible with our user friendly RelianceHMO app.

    • Do I Have Access To Doctors Online?

      Sometimes you have a small ailment and don’t want to go all the way to hospital for it. With RelianceHMO, telemedicine is enabled and you can chat with a qualified doctor or our wide pool of consultant from your phone 24 hours a day and receive a prescription if needed. This offers a lot of benefits – it is cheaper than in-person visits, it allows you to be diagnosed from the comfort of your home and it makes healthcare readily accessible for those who simply cannot afford a trip to the hospital.
    • How Good To Is The Health Insurance Customer Service?

      Because reliability is our watchword – we are RelianceHMO after all, we are available to you via our 24 hour Reliance Help Centre with friendly agents you can reach via phone, email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, any communication means you use.

    Visit RelianceHMO.com or Call 070073542623 to register!


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