Easily Buy Business Health Insurance

An Easier Way To Pay For Health Insurance - The RelianceHMO & Verifi Collaboration!

If you’re a 21st century business owner/employee, looking for a way to make your business stand out from the rest by offering your employees the best and most competitive welfare package, we’ve got good news for you!

In a one of a kind technological collaboration, RelianceHMO, a Technology powered Health Insurance Organization and Verifi, a business solutions company and creators of Pay by Verifi, a salary and benefits product, are introducing a new way to simplify employer-provided health care.

Providing health insurance alongside other welfare packages, has become increasingly important as it not only guarantees employees wellness and ultimately, productivity and high morale but also positions the company as a competitive and advantageous one in the labour market.

With welcoming technological advances in all spheres of life, there was a need to further improve efficiency by simplifying the health insurance payment process for employees at large by making use of the Verifi technology. Both companies believed that tying payment into the point at which salaries are paid, reduces some of the friction and fragmentation in the process and makes for a much more seamless experience.

RelianceHMO and Verifi hope that this partnership will spark a wider conversation about the link between staff benefits and productivity within the Nigerian labour market.  

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