Depression in the office for HR managers

Managing Work Place Depression; An HR Guide

We’ve talked about depression; the symptoms, causes and how to manage it as an employee at the workplace. On this episode, we would be talking managing depression as an employer or Human Resource Manager/Administrator. But first a recap;

What is depression?
Depression can be described as a common but serious mood disorder that directly affects how you feel, think, behave and handle normal daily activities.

Why you need to buy Health Insurance Online

Are You Prepared For The Unexpected? Why You Need Health Insurance

The importance of having quality health insurance cannot be overstated. Among the myriad of reasons why you need health insurance, the most striking one is that it prepares you for the unexpected.

Although it is easy to think you don’t need health insurance when you’re healthy but life has it twists and turns and as humans, when we grow older, our age does a telling on our health. Having health insurance mitigates all the effects bad health and old age can have on our finances as it means we don’t 

Preventing Depression with HMO

Strategies for Dealing with Workplace Depression

How do you know you’re depressed?
The signs are usually always there - decreased productivity, irritability, low energy, moodiness/broodiness, sudden absence from work, anger and bouts of anxiety. The aforementioned signs, though can sometimes point to laziness and lack of motivation - are usually affiliated to a more serious situation 

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How RelianceHMO is making Healthcare easier through Technology

In a recent poll conducted by the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), it was discovered that only 3% of Nigerians have access to full health coverage. Millions of Nigerians have never experienced quality healthcare for reasons ranging from lack of availability of quality doctors to a lack of functioning healthcare systems.

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An Easier Way To Pay For Health Insurance - The RelianceHMO & Verifi Collaboration!

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If you’ve already established the importance of buying health insurance for your employees and you’re looking for a fast and seamless way to close up payments and ensure quality healthcare, then this is for you.

Is Health Insurance for Employees Important? 
While we’ve already stated the various advantages to offering health insurance as an employee benefit in a previous post, it is necessary to reiterate them