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RelianceHMO Reimbursement Process


We would thus like to acquaint you with steps to follow if you ever need to get a reimbursement from us.

We realize that sometimes, you may have to access care in a hospital outside the network or your required medication may be unavailable at the hospital or you may even have an emergency.  Should any of these situations arise, please follow the steps below:

  1. Call our client service number (070073542623) for initial authorization
  2. If you happen to visit any of our facility and you feel you are not getting better and decide to visit any hospital outside our network, kindly call our call canter number (070076542623) for authorization before using the facility
  3. Always see a General practitioner(GP) first before requesting for a Specialist consult, the GP will be the one to request for specialist consult when it’s necessary.
  4. State your reason(s) for need to access care outside our accredited network/purchase your drugs
  5. Any reimbursement submitted without a proper approval will be declined and will not be paid.
  6. If approved, a link will be sent to your email. Please follow the instructions on the mail
  7. Click on the link and fill the form accordingly
  8. Upload appropriate receipt(s) and state your reason(s) for the reimbursement request on the comment section in the form (ensure it is the appropriate receipt or it will be declined after submission)
  9. Submit the form and await our feedback 

Feel free to call 070076542623 for all enquires

We shall endeavor to make payment within 72 hours upon confirmation that the claim subsists. 
Please note that NO REIMBURSEMENT will  be processed if an authorization was not given before the service was rendered

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