Train Your Brain to Handle Information Overload

Does it ever feel like the thoughts in your head are just one giant to-do list?

The human mind can juggle a gigantic amount of information — but there is a limit. At some point, you reach a critical point where you start missing things, getting angry, avoiding things and people, and struggling at work, home or in your relationships.

So how do you overcome this overwhelm? You can start by doing these;

Just get it done

Sometimes the best way to get it out of your head is to just get it done and out of the way. Whatever is riffling up your mental capacity — house chores, replying a bunch of emails, working out, laundry — stop thinking and start doing.

When we move to get tasks done instead of away from them, the tension is reduced, and your confidence level goes up.

Or, cancel it out
If you keep avoiding something for a long time, then ask yourself. Does it really need to get done? If not, cancel it off your list for good.

You exhaust yourself thinking there’s some finish line you have to cross.

Ask someone to help you
When it gets too overwhelming you can ask for assistance.
Tell your partner or kids you need them to take on more of the household chores or you can tell your boss you’ll have trouble meeting that deadline without more support. Whatever gets you help.

Stop overthinking it
Feeling overwhelmed could just be having too much to think about. When you start getting ahead of yourself, observe your thoughts and let some of them go. Go beyond all the thinking about and just get it done.

It might not get you to zero mental stress, but it’s definitely a start.

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