What Dark Skinned People Need To Know About Skin Cancer

Before we go far into this article, we should make one thing very clear. “No matter what color your skin is, if you’re exposed to the sun, there’s a possibility that you can get skin cancer”

It’s true that darker people tend to get more of a pigment called melanin; and it protects the skin from the sun’s harmful rays but that doesn’t necessarily mean people with dark skin can’t get skin cancer. It’s just not as much as the fair skinned people do.

Despite the extra melanin and the sun protection that comes with it, dark skinned people tend to suffer more melanoma deaths than any other ethnic group. The problem is that moles in dark-skinned people don’t get checked out as often because of the misconception that dark-skinned people don’t get skin cancer.

So I guess the big question is .. do black people need sunscreen?

The risk of Vitamin D deficiency is why some dark skinned people refrain from using sunscreen.

“If your skin is dark, you tend to be low in vitamin D because you block more of the sun,”

But you can always put yourself on Vitamin D supplements. All in all, it's never wrong to wear sunscreen, it can only shield your skin from direct sunlight.

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