When You Eat Matters Just As Much As What You Eat

Most of us know what we eat can impact our waistlines. But what about when we eat? It’s time everyone starts paying attention to the times they eat.
Eating late is extremely fattening. It adds to our waist size,causes inflammation and increases the chances of having type 2 diabetes.

Our bodies become more insulin resistant throughout the day. This means sugar stays in your bloodstream and is transformed into fat. That’s why it’s best to avoid eating after dark.

In fact, experts recommend eating 75 percent of our daily calories before 2 p.m., with breakfast and lunch being our largest meals, and dinner the smallest. It’ll become a habit before long. Getting plenty of protein and healthy fat in the morning and at lunchtime will reduces the chances of being hungry. 

It may seem really difficult at first but try eating within a 12-hour window or less, only when there’s daylight ― for three days and then working up to a week or more.

It gets easier as time goes on. You can even reap health benefits by adopting daytime eating just five out of seven days per week.

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