Age to get Health Insurance

At What Age Should You Get Health Insurance?

Health is wealth and wealth abounds in plenty of wisdom. So what is the wise thing to do knowing that time waits for no one and health costs have the capacity of escalating in the future due to the increasing cost of living among other mitigating factors? Also, a medical emergency can attack anyone, anytime and impact an individual emotionally and financially. The wise thing to do then would be to get Health Insurance!

So at what age should one get an health insurance?

As early as possible. For some millennials riding on the health insurance of their parents is one benefit they already have but for those who don’t, getting health insurance should be a thing to do from the age of 21. You should buy a health insurance policy at a young age to avail of many benefits.

What are the benefits of getting health insurance at an early age?

The benefits of health insurance are innumerable but they are even better when gotten at a young age. Below, we’ve listed some of the many benefits of starting early on your health insurance plan.

  • Coverage: Getting a health insurance policy at a young age means that you have greater coverage. Most health insurance plans offer wide coverage from maternity, to  operations, dental care and eye care, all of which it is better to have covered while young. In short, your coverage costs will only increase as you grow older owing to more medical complications.

  • Pre-existing conditions: Most health insurance providers exclude many pre-existing conditions from getting covered which defeats the purpose of opting for a health insurance policy. Therefore, getting covered at an early age allows you the opportunity to accommodate any future medical complications and conditions.

  • Lower premiums: In some situations, the premium charged by your health insurance agency depends on your current age where lower ages can mean lower costs.

  • Longevity: Most health insurance policies an up an upper age limit but buying health insurance at a young age gives you a longer time to enjoy its many benefits.

  • Financial planning: Growing up, the need to plan wisely financially cannot be understated. If you cross out unnecessary expenses due to medical conditions by having a good health insurance plan, you can then focus on other investments in your life.

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