Stress-Free Health Insurance,
For Those You Care About

Now you can buy health insurance for others,
just to show them you care.

Stay Healthy, Get Cashback

If you buy a plan for someone and they don’t use it for a whole year, we’ll give you, the person paying for it, 20% of your premium back. No questions asked

One of a kind health insurance

Our plans are the only ones in Nigeria that allow you to conveniently purchase insurance for a loved one in 10 minutes. It happens right from your phone and you pay for the plan monthly rather than for a whole year all at once.

More Loyalty, More Benefits

Our plans have Graduated Benefits, this means the services your loved ones receive keep increasing every 3 months without an increase in the price of the insurance. (Click to learn about Graduated Benefits)

Health Insurance for your precious child. Starting from ₦3,500

Maybe you already have your own health insurance, or maybe you don’t need health insurance right now but you want to purchase a plan for your child. This is the perfect plan for you. You can purchase a plan for children as young as 1 month to as old as 24 years and we won’t force you to purchase a plan for yourself if you don’t want to. It’s simple and convenient and your children will thank you for it.

Health Insurance for your parents

Your parents are getting older and you don’t want to leave them alone to the risk of disease or illness. We allow you to show yourself a good child and purchase a plan that fits the health needs of your parents perfectly. You can either purchase a simple plan that covers their basic needs or a premium plan that covers everything including hypertension, diabetes and we even send them trained healthcare workers regularly to check on their health in the comfort of their home

Give The Gift Of Health Insurance

Health is wealth and a gift of health insurance to keep a friend or loved one healthy is a priceless gift indeed. It’s easy to buy a plan as a gift, it takes 10 minutes, they receive it instantly and can use it immediately and if you decide to pass it on to them to continue the payments, we make it easy to do so as well.