Retail Pregnancy Plan Benefit

Antenatal Registration at desired Hospital
Consultation with Medical Officers/GPs for all Antenatal Visits
O & G Specialist Consultation
Supply of Antenatal Care medications
Feeding during delivery
Laboratory & diagnostic services based on Doctor's recommendation during Antenatal Care
Spontaneous Vaginal Delivery
Assisted Delivery
Augmentation of Labour
Manual Vacuum Aspiration


  1. Any health benefit not related to pregnancy and not listed in the benefit schedule.
  2. Management of complications and ailments during pregnancy.
  3. Treatment of mild or moderate neonatal sepsis, jaundice, phototherapy or any other illness related to the baby.
  4. Family Planning Services after delivery.
  5. Herbal drugs, non-prescription drugs, food supplements and experimental drugs and treatment
  6. Home care and domiciliary services during pregnancy and after delivery.
  7. Immunizations during pregnancy, delivery, and post partum, including Rhogam Injection
  8. Management of pregnancies with related congenital abnormalities
  9. HIV/AIDS Care & Treatment
  10. Room upgrades beyond that specified in the plan benefits chosen at purchase
  11. Consultations with consultants not primarily recognized by the chosen hospital for delivery, be it family doctors, therapists, or complementary medical practitioners with prior relationships.
  12. Consultation with hospitals other than the hospital to which one is capitated.
  13. Any other treatment, service, procedure or investigation not listed in the schedule of covered medical services.
  14. Women older than 45 years of age.