Our talented team is made up of incredible individuals who work tirelessly to fulfill our promise to you. We are constantly working to make sure you can rely on us.

Akachi Ogbonna,UI/UX Designer
Akachi Ogbonna

UI/UX Designer

Akintoye Alao,Online / Affiliate Marketing Lead
Akintoye Alao

Online / Affiliate Marketing Lead

Chinaza Nwankwo,Client Services Officer
Chinaza Nwankwo

Client Services Officer

Esiegbuya Gabriel, Senior Marketing Executive
Esiegbuya Gabriel

Senior Marketing Executive

Dr Femi Kuti,Director
Dr. Femi Kuti

Chief Product Officer

Funlola Jide-Aribaloye,Chief Executive Officer
Funlola Jide-Aribaloye

Chief Executive Officer

Gabriella Julius, Client Services Officer
Gabriella Julius

Client Services Officer

Hakeem Olufemi Onasanya,Quality Assurance Executive
Dr. Hakeem Olufemi Onasanya

Quality Assurance Executive

Ifeoluwa Aribatise,  Provider Onboarding Executive
Ifeoluwa Aribatise

Provider Onboarding Executive

Olumekun Itunu,Operations Analyst
Olumekun Itunu

Operations Analyst

Joana Olufemi-Ajayi, Senior Marketing Executive
Joana Olufemi-Ajayi

Senior Marketing Executive

Kennedy Osaze Abhulimhen, Software Engineer
Kennedy Osaze Abhulimhen

Software Engineer

Matthew Mayaki,Lead Software Engineer
Matthew Mayaki

VP Engineering

Odunayo Adekoya,Senior Software Engineer
Odunayo Adekoya

Senior Software Engineer

Dr. Oluwadamilare Adeyemi-Levites ,Head, Strategy and Innovations
Dr.Oluwadamilare Adeyemi-Levites

Head, Strategy and Innovation

Obembe Opeyemi, Cheif Technology  Officer
Opeyemi Obembe

Chief Technology Officer

Opeyemi Olumekun,Director
Opeyemi Olumekun

Chief Operating Officer

Oyeleye Odumuyiwa,Senior Software Engineer
Oyeleye Odumuyiwa

Senior Software Engineer