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We've made the health insurance plan no-one else is offering you; Pocket friendly prices, Instant coverage, Awesome customer service. You can even buy plans for just your children, your parents or as a gift for a friend.

Select any comfortable payment plan that works for you. You can buy as many plans as you want. Please note that subsequent payments will be debited automatically from your card.

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Please note that these base plans do not cover pre-existing conditions ( Learn more about pre-existing conditions)

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*Some benefits are only accessible after certain months of uninterrupted graduated benefits. Click here to learn how Graduated Benefits work.

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Stay Healthy, Get Cashback

If you don’t use your plan for a whole year, we’ll give you 20% of your premium back. No questions asked

One of A kind Health Insurance

Our plans are designed to provide you with the best benefits at the best price. It’s convenient, takes just 10 minutes to sign up from your phone and you pay for the plan monthly rather than for a whole year all at once.

More Loyalty, More Benefits

Sou also get Graduated Benefits, this means the services you’re eligible for keep increasing every 3 months without an increase in the price of the insurance