Tips on Joining Reliance Health

What To Expect In Our Recruitment Process

We aim to ensure that you are prepared for the different stages in our recruitment process whilst we look to assess your skills and how they fit our hiring needs. Because our recruitment process is largely remote, we make use of related effective platforms and tools to adequately assess candidate skills in a comfortable and memorable environment.

Here are the tips we hope will help you on your journey to being a Rhoman:

Before anything, ensure you read your CV and the job expectation to help you understand the relationship between both. We want you to take every opportunity to show us the reason you are the best person for the roles

Virtual Interviews:

Because we are a largely remote organisation with team members working anywhere convenient for them, our interviews are virtual. That is, we use any of the popular video conferencing platforms to interview candidates. So, if you are opportune to receive an interview invite from us, kindly ensure you familiarize yourself with the chosen platform and ensure you are in a comfortable environment with good internet for the interview. We also recognise unforeseen circumstances that may impede a scheduled interview, so reach out to us if you need to reschedule an interview – and we would be glad to.


At Reliance Health, we believe that top employees require effective written and spoken communication skills to deliver on business goals. Hence, at least one of our interview rounds will require you to write an essay or present a case study. The essay will be used to assess your level of written communication against our internal standards. Ensure that your write-up is void of grammatical errors, auto-correct mistakes, unnecessary acronyms, and any other informal writing styles. Also, ensure that your line of thought is communicated in simplicity without ambiguity. In the case study, we will be assessing your problem-solving capabilities, your ability to interpret business problems and provide data-driven solutions with clear insight and communication as well as your analytical skills. Our communication reality check at Reliance Health is to assess the simplicity and clarity of the information provided.

Technical Assessment:

During our technical assessment, the interviewing team will get to evaluate your proficiency level, knowledge, and versatility in the use of tools specific to the job role. The team will also try to understand how you analyze and solve problems. It is highly recommended to focus on data, problem-solving, and scalability of proposed results to problems. We are an organization that has a strong bias for driving business improvement with data.

Aptitude Tests:

At Reliance Health we aim to assess candidates’ ability to perform tasks and react to situations at work. This includes problem-solving, prioritization, and numerical skills, amongst other things.

Culture Fit Interview:

During this session of our interviews, the hiring team will utilize structured questions to assess candidates whose values are a match with that of the organization. We have adopted this approach because we believe that talents who have a similar philosophy to us are likely to be more productive.

All the best 😀.